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A Note on the Gemini Jazz Café

There are still people around who remember the Gemini Jazz Café. As time goes by, of course, their number will dwindle until the day comes when nobody will remember the Gemini Jazz Café. There are still people around who remember the New Gaiety, Dorsey’s and Kittles’, Albany jazz spots that closed their doors years before the Gemini opened, but that’s neither here nor there. The building that housed the Gemini was renovated and turned into apartments. Whoever lives there now probably never heard of the Gemini. Same for the people who walk by on their way to work or to a bar. Articles have been written about Hot Dog Johnnie’s, but none about the Gemini Jazz Café. Hot Dog Johnnie’s is still going strong, serving hot dogs, but no jazz. You might want to consider that if you’re planning to open a jazz club in Albany. Fats Jefferson played piano in the Gemini Jazz Café. Hopefully someday a recording will surface. J.R. Monterose played in the Gemini Jazz Café, and there are recordings. This is one of them. If you add this CD to your collection, you will be one of the privileged to experience the sounds that went down in the Gemini Jazz Café. And you will hear J. R. Monterose, live and in person, on the bandstand at the Gemini Jazz Café.


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